Without speed you're just average.

Team Fast Pad’s mission is to train young athletes by providing a new state of the art performance speed and agility device, which allows a complete plyometric training session in the comfort of the individual’s home. Team Fast Pad contains three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced with 31 unique exercises with in each level that were developed By Anthony Rolinski a D-1 Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and Speed and agility Coach at a Major Mid West Independent D-1 University, Tony Rolinski .

Team Fast Pad can be used by any athlete for any sport to improve overall Speed, Quickness, and Explosiveness. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Softball, etc. Athletics is about Speed and Quickness and having the athletic ability to achieve your Goals.


Every athlete wants that extra second. That extra inch. Team FastPad was designed to help you achieve those goals, and exceed them. There's nothing holding you back.


Your success lies in the success of your teams. Give every athlete in your program a tool designed to improve their performance. Any sport, any athlete will benefit from Team FastPad.


Like every parent, you want your child athlete to have every available tool in order to become their best. Team FastPad is that tool. Help them reach their ultimate potential.

I have been involved from the beginning concept of Team Fast Pad and with its founder Mike Newvine. Mike has made fantastic strides in the latest sport performance technology to hit the commercial and home market. I believe this is a huge development in the ever changing sport performance market. Team fast pad is a product that is a perfect fit in any strength and conditioning room at any level. This is the first product to test and train with real time data with foot movement and balance training. Team Fast Pad is what I call the grown up version of the dot drill mat, and is a bigger faster and stronger program. It keeps athletes engaged by scoring and correcting IMBALANCES in each user.DR. KYLE DAIGLE
“It’s another way to get better – I like it,” said Kurt Richardson, Clarkston Varsity Football Head Coach. “I am not a real technological guy, but we have to make some strides forward. If it helps our kids, then I am for it.” He added that what he liked about Fast Pad is that results are recorded, giving feedback on how well the athletes are doing. “We can track the progress of every athlete. Team fast Pad brings a whole new element of sport performance and competition to the weight room. Our goal at Clarkston High School is to give our athletes every advantage to become better on a daily basis, as a community we felt Team Fast Pad helps fill those needs.”Coach Kurt Richardson, Clarkston High School Varsity Football coach (2 time back to back Division 1 state champions)
First time I viewed the Team Fast Pad platform I was excited about the new innovation in sport performance technology. The platform is like having a sport performance coach in the weight room! What a great product, great workout! While working on sport specific movements the athlete is taught to keep head and eyes up during the work out. We knew technology would eventually flood into the many high school and college weight rooms, the platform works for every sport male or female. Muscle memory, muscle memory, muscle memory.John Wangler former QB Michigan #5

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